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The content of the Web site is produced by På Røst AS, with the platform being developed and operated by Seria AS in Bodø. Inquiries may be directed to or by phone to +47 913 68 260.

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The project has received funding form Nordland County Council, Røst Municipality and Orkana forlag.

The idea to create Opplev Røst sprang out of work on the cultural historical cookery book ‘TØRRFISK  – kystkultur, Querini, kokekunst fra Røst’ published in 2018 and the group who worked on this project, Anne Cecilie Pedersen, Hildegunn Pettersen, Elisabeth Mikalsen, Einar Stamnes and Olaf Pedersen dy.

The contents of this site has been prepared by På Røst AS / Elisabeth Johansen. Much of the text about Røst is drawn on the books ‘TØRRFISK  – kystkultur, Querini, kokekunst’ and ‘LOFOTEN en kulturminneguide’.

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